Speed dating round 2

Now for those who read the speed dating part 1 entry I am sure you are all thinking what possibly would make me want to go back? Well I am too asking the same question to myself now. At the time me and Glam thought that as it was so bad the first time, a different venue and night had to be better right?! And for this round I drag my oldest friend, H, along too to join in the fun!

We chose the city venue this time, and although the set up was similar it did feel like there was a better level of clientele, or maybe it was the darker, basement room that gave that illusion!

This time though I had zero nerves and was way more carefree about the whole situation, which obvs means on a Friday night I’m ready for some drinks! We start with pre drinks on a rooftop city venue espresso martinis in hand, with me and Glam reassuring H it will be fun, who were we kidding!!

This time we sit in a row so we could support each other in times of need, now we know we need more than a reassuring glance at times.

Date number one, and guess whos back? Mr. Rejector from last speed dating! What are the chances! And to top it off he didn’t even recognise me! Opening line from me when there wasn’t a flicker of recognition from his side: ‘are you joking? You don’t even remember me?’ And there it is, my blunt self, out there on the speed dating circle. It’s at this point that I can categorically say that speed dating is not for me. It turns out that speed daters all seem to mix in the same circles so I have 4 repeat dates who I wasn’t slightly interested in the first time around. Date one tries to persuade me again to take up the 6 dating events for the price of 5. Why would anyone put themselves through this 6 times?! I mean I know I’ve come back, but as you know I believe in second chances.

Other highlights or should I say lowlights include the Karl Pilkington look a like who blinked continuously for the entire 4 minutes, the Asian guy with the top knot and the most high pitched voice and the short Irish guy whose accent was so strong that all I could do was nod and laugh in what I thought were the right places!

The good thing about round 2 is I picked up a lot more tips if you are ever to try speed dating, and I know that is unlikely from the picture I have painted so far, but here goes:

1. You can order drinks during the session, it isn’t protocol and no else seemed to but just call over the host and they are happy to serve

2. If you are really struggling for conversation excuse yourself to the toilet, that definitely kills a few minutes

3. Be prepared to answer my dreaded question, which seems to be a favourite, ‘what are your hobbies?’ When my life consists of drinking, eating and socialising it’s essential to have a fake hobby up your sleeve

4. Don’t be surprised if people don’t stick to the age limit, had a few 40 year olds lingering around

5. Beware of the host, he will be good looking, he will join in the speed dating and he will allure you into a false sense of security to then reveal that he has a girlfriend but ‘it’s complicated’

6. Be prepared for your date to have some sort of tick and remember to focus and ignore it

7. If you are struggling to understand your dates accent then just keep nodding and smiling, it’s the only way through

8. Sit with your friends when you go so if you are having a really awkward date you can pull them in to save you

9. If a date is coming on strong and you have zero interest, deflect the situation by asking them what girls they liked tonight and give them tips on how to get the girl

10. Beware of the twenty somethings that you will bump into after speed dating the normal part of the bar. One of them sniggered at us, ‘did you do that for charity?’ At this point you want to pour your drink into their face, but please refrain, you were that young once and they will be your age before they look around.

So in conclusion I can categorically say that speed dating is not for me, but it was refreshing to meet people in real life even if it’s not where I’m going to find my TO.

Next week come back to hear about me getting passed a first date, if you can believe it ….

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