It’s not me, it’s you

So here begins the trials and tribulations of rejoining the dating world in your 30s. Whether you are a 30 something singleton wanting to see you are not alone in facing dating confusion and mishaps or you would like to take a break from your blissful (or not so) coupled up life, this light-hearted and hopefully humourous blog plans to give you 5 minutes of entertainment during your increasingly busy lives.

After a long stint of dating in my 20s I finally settled down with an old flame and thought the dating trials and tribulations were behind me …. well as with most things in life events don’t turn out exactly as I planned, while I was busy plotting my couples life out, he had other ideas so here I am back to square one. However, I am now aged 31 and not only have I entered a new decade, the dating scene seems to have moved on leaps and bounds too and has most certainty left me behind. Lucky for me I have a very modern group of friends who also for one reason or another find themselves 30 and single. This doesn’t solve our problem though. as single ladies in our 30s who, in all honesty, have done the care free dating life and are now ready to meet our TO (the One). Where do we go? 

As a born and bred Londoner I am very used to the harshness of city life but when the city has become a place where it’s more likely to meet Prince Harry in your local pub than a man to approach a group of 30 something ladies, it’s enough to make the thickest of skins start to wonder what is wrong with them. So as I edit all my photos in tinder, happn and bumble to ensure I’m not catfishing as a younger, more spritely model and I join the latest app claiming to be less superficial and more about personality, I get thinking there has to be an alternative?! While swiping left far too many times and feeling more depressed by the second I turn to my glamorous bestie and decide its time to get ourselves out there as a double act and find the new places to go.

And this is the start of my dating adventure, getting myself off that single shelf that is, let’s be honest, very comfortable, without any real responsibilities or commitment and at times the easiest life.

Hope you enjoy my journey in the quest to find love …… 

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